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Booking conditions

Euro Villas Selection is a trademark of Provence Villas Selection Sàrl in Sierre (Switzerland).

All conditions below are applicable to leases and reservations made on the Euro Villas Selection website.

The present tenancy is subject to the customary and legal conditions normally applied in matters of tenancy agreement and of those hereafter :

1. Tenant's obligations

The Tenant agrees to occupy the premises personally for residential purposes only. He/she will refrain from undertaking any commercial, skilled or professional activities and under no circumstances will the premises be let to third parties - even free of charge. The Tenant agrees that the premises are let temporarily and solely for vacation purposes, and that this is a prime condition without which the present contract would not materialize. Neither the Tenant nor the members of his/her family or any person in his/her employment will disturb the quiet of the property and neighborhood. No animal will be allowed into the property without the actual consent of the Landlord or his/her representative, unless this has been provided for in the detailed Description.
The Tenant agrees not to exceed the number of residents indicated in the detailed Description and the Rental Agreement of shorthold tenancy as well as on the voucher. In case of exceeding this number, the Landlord or his/her representative has the right of refusing the exceeding persons to enter the property and to cash the integral amount of the guarantee.
The Tenant will refrain from bringing stoves into the premises; should he/she have other heating sources installed than those already fitted in, he/she alone would be liable for any problem arising from this installation. Further to the above, the Tenant will refrain from using any object or detergent likely to deteriorate the sewage system : any deterioration brought about by the Tenant would be borne by him/her. As far as possible, the Tenant will endeavour to arrive between 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. to occupy the premises initially, and to leave before 10 a.m. on departure day - unless differently agreed with the Landlord or his/her representative.

2. Landlord's obligations

It is the Landlord's duty to put the premises at the Tenant's disposal during the defined tenancy period, and to respect the information and data listed in the Description. He/she will put the Premises, Fixtures, Furniture and Effects listed in perfect condition at the Tenant's disposal. He/she will provide such services and equipment as announced, and in particular will maintain the garden and swimming-pool, and their fittings, in good working conditions. On the Tenant's arrival date, the Landlord or his/her representative will wait for the Tenant as from 4 p.m. onwards or at any mutually agreed time, and will provide the Tenant with any useful and adequate information as to allow the Tenant to fully take advantage of the possibilities offered by the premises. Similarly, on the Tenant's departure, he will agree with the Tenant on a departure time, usually before 10 a.m..

3. Conditions of attribution of the accommodation

The premises are made available in excellent state and complete with furniture, bedding, kitchen-ware, glassware and crockery, as listed in the inventory and controlled both by the Tenant and the Landlord or his/her representative upon entrance into the premises. These elements will be inventoried again by the Tenant and the Landlord or his/her representative at the end of the tenancy period. If at the first stage of the inventory any discrepancy should arise between the actual elements available and the detailed Description, the Landlord should be informed immediately and the latter will make sure that the discrepancy is corrected. If nevertheless information relative to the conditions, the equipment or the capacity of the accommodation turned out inaccurate, the Tenant has to inform at once Provence Villas Selection about it so that she can remedy the neglect.
Bed-, kitchen- and household-linen, electricity, water and gas, together with final cleaning, telephone costs and taxes are not included in the rent, unless otherwise stipulated in the detailed description. These will have to be paid for directly to the Landlord at the end of the stay.
The Landlord is not in a position to guarantee the regular supply of such public services as electricity, water, gas and telephone; the same applies to the swimming pool - should the latter be available and whatever the duration of the severance or stopping - if these periods are imposed by regular maintenance or unscheduled repairs, or force majeure - beyond the Landlord's control, who will decline any liability for absence of or decline in facility use.
The swimming pools are normally open from beginning of May to the end of September, unless something else is noted in the special conditions of each house.

4. Guarante

Upon arrival, the Tenant will deposit with the Landlord a guaranty payment as laid out in the short hold Tenancy Agreement : this is aimed at covering the extra expenses possibly incurred by the Tenant.
The Landlord can ask the Tenant when he/she leaves for :
  • the full value - at actual replacement cost - of any broken or deteriorated furniture and/or equipment, beyond the normal wear and tear corresponding to the tenancy period.
  • the cleaning of premises, fixtures and effects, including blanklets, if these have been left in doubtful condition.
  • compensation for any deterioration of wallpaper and curtains, floors and ceilings, carpets and moquette, windows and bedding, etc.
  • the payment of any outstanding expenses for electricity, swimming-pool products, water and council tax - not already included in the rent. Those information are available in the Price and booking conditions of each dwelling on the Provence Villas Selection website.

5. Booking- and payment terms

30% of the total amount of the rental will be paid, by international bank transfer or with credit card Visa or Mastercard, as deposit immediately after the acceptance of the tenancy agreement. The balance is due, 42 days before the beginning of the rental period, by international bank transfer only. No firm booking can be guaranteed before the deposit has actually been paid into Provence Villas Selection's bank account. Neither the Landlord nor his/her agent will be tied by the security beyond the date actually set for remittance of the balance. If upon the latter date the full balance has not been received as laid out in the General Booking Conditions, thus materializing the rental agreement, then the agreement will be considered as null and void - in which case Item 7. of the General Conditions will apply.

6. Insurance

In paying the amount of the deposit, the tenant is automatically covered, without additional charges, against the risks stipulated in the Information note on the summarised cover under policy n°7904961.1420184.800 taken out with L’Européenne Assurances et Thelem Assurances intended for Reserving parties he can acquaint by clicking on the link General Insurance conditions on the Website of Provence Villas Selection.
The complete text of this agreement is available for consultation in French by Provence Villas Selection on simple demand. This insurance is only valid if it is expressly mentioned in the Tenancy Agreement between the Tenant and Provence Villas Selection.

7. Cancellation

Provence Villas Selection as concluded a Cancellation Insurance. This insurance is automatic and without additional charges. It applies from the payment of the deposit by the tenant. If the Tenant cancels his/her booking, he/she is insured in compliance with the Insurance Agreement Terms contained into the General Insurance conditions which are at disposal for the Tenant on the Internet Site of Provence Villas Selection. In particular, the Tenant will not be covered if he/she cancels his/her booking for reasons other than those listed. Provence Villas Selection will refund the Tenant, deduction made by the insurance premium and 100 EUR running expenses, if the cancellation is genuinely proved by the Tenant in compliance with those Terms. The Tenant's cancellation will be notified to Provence Villas Selection by email and accompanied by the relevant documents.
If the Tenant cancels for another reason as mentioned in the Insurance Conditions, his funds already paid will be lost.
The cancellation due to the owner is covered in the cases clarified in the Insurance Conditions. No other cause of cancellation can be admitted on behalf of the owner. Provence Villas Selection can't be considered responsible of the neglect of the obligations of the owner.
The cancellation cost insurance in this point 7. is only valid if it is expressly mentioned in the Tenancy Agreement between the Tenant and Provence Villas Selection.

8. Complaints

If, in spite of controls and efforts, the house should not meet the expectations of the tenant, here is the best way to react :
A. The problem the tenant is facing is purely a technical one. He calls the person in charge of the house. This person will usually be able to solve the difficulty.
B. The problem is more serious and/or the person of contact cannot solve the problem satisfactory or the tenant has comprehensions difficulty with the person in charge of the house :
The tenant calls Provence Villas Selection as soon as the problem emerges. Provence Villas Selection will contact the person in charge of the house and will look after so that the problem is solved as soon as possible.
Restrictions : No financial deal will be done to a written complaint if the above described procedure has not strictly been observed and no complaint will be taken into consideration if this complaint has not been notified to Provence Villas Selection within 48 hours after the occurrence.

9. Visits

During his/her stay, the Tenant will allow the Landlord or his/her representative to enter and view the property with prospective Tenants at reasonable times of the day. Visits by the Tenant prior to occupancy will not be possible unless he/she has already paid a deposit. Should the Tenant abandon the rental, then paragraph 6 'Cancellation' would automatically apply.

10. Renewal of tenancy

Should the Tenant wish to renew the tenancy at some further date, he/she will do so through the intermediary of Provence Villas Selection. Similarly, the Landlord will not renew the tenancy agreement for the same property with the same Tenant outside the intermediary of Provence Villas Selection.

11. Part played by Provence Villas Selection

The agent acts as intermediary between the Landlord and the Tenant. All accommodation premises have individually and personally been visited by the Agent or persons authorized by him and the information incorporated in the various documents have been provided bona fide on the basis of the data provided by the Landlord or his/her representative. The photos have been taken during the visit. They are not contractual because changes made by the owner may occur in the meantime. Consequently, the agent cannot be held responsible for any omissions or other failures due to incorrect or incomplete information passed on to him/her. In case of litigation, the Courts of the Sierre District, Valais, (Switzerland) have sole jurisdiction.

12. Privacy policy

Whatever the nature of the personal data we hold about our customers and suppliers, whether we require it for business purposes, or whether we collect it automatically, we pledge to make every effort to ensure that your personal data is treated in the strictest confidence, to protect it and to use it solely for business purposes or to improve the services which may be available on our website.
Online credit card payments are secure and your credit card information remains private and is not disclosed to us.

In case of litigation, only French version of the General Booking Conditions is valid.

Drawn up in Sierre (Switzerland), on June 20th 2012, modified on September 13th 2016
Euro Villas Sélection
a trade mark of
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Euro Villas Sélection

a trade mark of

Provence Villas Sélection Sàrl

Technopôle 1

CH - 3960 SIERRE (Switzerland)

Tel. in French and Spanish

+33 970 405 199

Tel. in English and German

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